Monday, 6 February 2012

Sunday Walk

This year we made a new year's resolution to make the most of the beautiful green space around us and go for a walk every weekend.
The other week we drove just five minutes down the road to a bit of the Downs we drive past every single day and went to explore. It's a nice feeling to see something you see all the time from a different perspective.

It was a great chance to play with my new camera and it's amazing how fast time goes when you're wrapped up against the wind and you see a new photo opportunity with every step. Quite soon a quick half hour walk had turned into an hour and some very cold fingers and toes so we headed home, our thoughts turning to the comfyness of the sofa and the warmth of a cup of tea. There really is nothing better after a Sunday walk in winter than cozying up on the sofa afterwards with a cup of tea!

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