Thursday, 8 March 2012

Overwintered Broad Beans

This is one of my over-wintered broad bean seedlings. The variety is Aqualdulce Claudia and I planted them around October last year. All of the plants survived the winter, however, the growth is quite leggy. Also quite a few of the plants seem to have rooted very close to the surface and so aren't very well anchored which is a definite no-no in my wind tunnel back garden. I think the reason for this leggy growth is the incredibly mild autumn and winter we had until February when the cold kicked in. The shoots started to come up in November when I wasn't expecting to see any growth until January or February.
As a result I have had to pull up some of the plants because they'd grown at strange angles and couldn't be saved and some were rotting off at the base. I started off some seedlings indoors a few weeks ago and transplanted those out to make up for some of the disaster plants. They are doing much better than the over wintered ones so I'm not sure if I will bother overwintering broad beans again. Today I planted out the last of my aquadulce seeds directly into the plot so we will see how they catch up to both the over wintered ones and the transplanted seedlings.

Have you had any winter-weather related growing problems?

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